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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

148 ESD 1 2 Accessory T005 87 447 10 Barrel for FE 75 (spare) LT Soldering tip series page 177-180 80 W, 24 V For tip extraction FE 75 Set Order-no. Model Description T005 33 151 99 FE 75 Set Soldering iron FE 75 with safety rest Scope of supply 1 T005 29 166 99 FE 75 FE-Soldering iron 80 W, 24 V with Silver-Line Heating Transfer 2 T005 44 405 99 LT B Soldering tip chisel 2,4 x 0,8 mm 3 T005 15 020 99 KH 20 Safety rest with sponge T005 87 447 28 Funnel for FE 75 T005 25 409 99 Cleaning brush for extraction tube Weller FE soldering irons are specifically designed for tip extraction applications (tip extraction see page 126). The fume extraction tube is integrated to the iron and positioned above the soldering tip. Regardless the iron is ergonomical and allows precise work. The FE soldering irons are controlled electronically and can be connected to all Weller soldering sations except WX stations. Different perfomances and the wide range of Weller soldering tips gives a multi-puropse applications to the FE irons. Weller FE soldering irons are delivered with a 5,0 mm heat resistant fume extraction hose (2,5 mm). Irons are ESD safe. Silver-Line Heating Technology