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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

247 Tweezers Precision tweezers: Pointed tips bent 115 mm/4.528 Inch Model Description 51SASL 12 g Same as 51SA, but economy model. 0.42 oz. 5ASA 12 g Precision tweezers, lightly curved 15°, relieved. 0.42 oz. Very pointed tips, e.g. for installing small components. 5ASASL 12 g Same as 5ASA, but economy model. 0.42 oz. 120 mm/4.724 Inch Model Description 7SA 15 g Precision tweezers, curved, relieved, with pointed tips. 0.53 oz. Excellent handling in confined spaces. 7SASL 15 g Same as 7SA, but economy model. 0.53 oz. 140 mm/5.512 Inch Model Description 65ASA 11 g Precision tweezers, curved 50°. Very pointed tips. 0.39 oz. For working with extra-small chips and other miniature components. 150 mm/5.906 Inch Model Description 24SA 22 g Precision tweezers, curved 40°, with robust pointed tips. 0.78 oz. Serrated finger grips and inside-serrated tips for secure handling. Guide pin to avoid overlapping of tips. Ideally suitable for soldering and assembly jobs. 30SA 26 g Reverse-action tweezers, curved 30°, with robust pointed 0.92 oz. tips. Fibreglass handles for protection against heat. Reverse clamping action for comfortably holding parts. Particularly suitable for soldering and assembly jobs.