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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

332 Complete accessories for easy pick-up and immediate set-down of components or silicon wafers. Set for laboratory work. In an ESD-safe plastic case. Vacuum kit Model Description 3000KCESD* Vacuum kit contents: 3000ESD Handle Size: 400 x 320 x 150 mm/15.748 x 12.598 x 5.905 Inch, 2.2 kg, with axial switch, ergonomic, serrated finger grip 3200 Adapter, rotatable through 360° Stainless-steel adapter, rotatable through 360°, straight suction tip for direct working or as an adapter for section tips or suction cups 3231 Adapter fix For working with 3300 suction tips 3305Z, 3310Z, 3315 Suction needles, 45°, stainless steel For working 3231 adapter 2052E Suction cup, For working with 3200 or 3232 adapter dia. 4.5 mm/.177 Inch, silicone KDS 260L Suction cup, dia. 9.5 mm/.374 Inch 3740 Table holder 3714Z Diaphragm pump 230 V, 5 l/min, max. vacuum –250 mbar 3008ESD Tube, flexible, 1.8 m, ESD-safe 3717 Filter for tube 3008ESD 102ACA SMD tweezers 115 mm/4.527 Inch, with curved tips and blunted edges, for vertical working with small components, stainless steel, non-reflecting surface, non-magnetic Kits Swiss high precision tools in a kit *Not available in North America