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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

336 Knives & Blades Knives Blades for XN100 Blades for XN200 and XN210 Order No. Description Size Inch mm XN100 Knife, Light duty for soft material 5 13 /16 148 XN200 Knife, Medium duty for hard material 5 3 /4 146 XN210 Knife, Heavy duty plastic handle for coars jobs 5 7 /16 137 XNS100 Light and medium duty knife set contains 10 assorted blades: XN100, XN200, XNB103 (2 pcs.), XNB105 (2 pcs.), XNB101, XNB203, XNB205 (2 pcs.), XNB201 Order No. Description Pack quantity XNB101 Blade, Standard 5 XNB103 Blade, Fine pointed 5 XNB103B Blade, Fine pointed 100 XNB105 Blade, Stencil 5 Order No. Description Pack quantity XNB201 Blade, Chisel 5 XNB203 Blade, General purpose 5 XNB205 Blade, Pointed 5