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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

318 Fibre optic tools High precision tools for optical fibres Suitable for simple and precise stripping of optical fibres High grade tool steel Non-reflecting surface ESD-safe Model Dimensions in mm/Inch A E F G H Wire diameter 552S 21 6.5 6.7 11 9 0.06 mm – 0.60 mm (AWG 42 – 24) .827 .256 .264 .433 .354 .002 Inch – .023 Inch 120 mm /4.724 Inch 80 g/2.82 oz. 120 mm/4.724 Inch 20 g/0.71 oz. Suitable for all types of insulation, Teflon® , Tefzel and optical fibres. Unlimited stripping length thanks to side stripping. Diameter is set by means of two screws. Replaceable cutting blade. Stainless-steel tweezers with synthetic tips (PPS). Non-reflecting surface. Non-magnetic. Side stripping Holding / gripping A = jaw length E = width of tips F = depth of interchangeable blades G = total height of both tips H = length of cutting blade Model Description 249SA Precision tweezers with pointed synthetic tips (PPS) to protect optical fibres and serrated finger grips for secure handling. Volume resistance 16 Ω/cm. Heat-resistant up to 250°C (480°F). Resistant to acids and molten soldering tin. Water-repellent.