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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

243 Tweezers Precision tweezers: Pointed tips straight 125 mm/4.921 Inch Model Description AM 17 g Precision tweezers made from brass. The soft 0.60 oz. metal protects sensitive components against damage. No sparks. 130 mm/5.118 Inch Model Description 249SA 20 g Precision tweezers with pointed synthetic tips (PPS) and 0.71 oz. serrated finger grips for secure handling. Volume resistance 16 Ω/cm. Heat-resistant up to 250°C (480°F). Resistant to acids and molten soldering tin. Water-repellent. 249CER* 24 g Same as 249SA, but with ceramic tips. Heat-resistant up 0.84 oz. to 900°C (1500°F). 140 mm/5.512 Inch Model Description RRS 30 g Precision tweezers with strong tips for 1.05 oz. heavy-duty applications. SSSA 11 g Precision tweezers with long, narrow grips and low 0.39 oz. tension, responds to minimal pressure. The long grips allow precision work close to heat sources. 150 mm/5.906 Inch Model Description 29SA 26 g Reverse-action tweezers with wide, rounded tips. For hol- 0.92 oz. ding parts by reverse clamping action. Insulated handles, e.g. for protecting against heat. 160 mm/6.299 Inch Model Description 21SA 23 g Precision tweezers with medium-pointed tips and serrated 0.81 oz. finger grips and inside-serrated tips for secure handling. Very robust. The long grips allow precision work close to heat sources. *Not available in North America