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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

266 Choosing the right tool Head shape Erem offers the right head shape to suit your application. The head shapes differ in terms of shape and design. There are six basic shapes: Shape Tip cutter Tip cutter Tip cutter Straight relieved head Pointed relieved head Angled narrow head This head is suitable for horizontal and vertical cuts. The long tips facilitate cutting in hard-to-reach areas. Visibility and accessibility Cutting at the outermost tip of the cutter This is the narrowest head shape. The underside is relieved and facilitates optimum access even to extremely hard-to-reach areas. The angled head provides for precise cuts at different working angles. Series 600 Micro 670E*, 670EP*, 670EPF* 622NB, 632NCF, 676E, 776E (P. 265) (P. 264) Series 2400 MagicSense 2470E 2475E, 2482E (P. 269) (P. 269) Series 500 Medium 570E, 573E** 592E, 792E 555E, 572E, 582E (P. 53) (P. 275) (P. 274) 575E, 593AE (P. 273) Series 800 Maxi 884E (P. 278) Erem cutting-edge protection for tip cutters Erem tip cutters are equipped with cutting-edge protection.A special stop system prevents the cutting edges from overlapping. * Very short head ** Straight head for vertical working