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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

85 ESD Order-no. Model Description T005 13 832 99 For connection to unit WCB 2 or all other temperature measure instruments with type K sensor port. Connection to WCB 2 calibration unit For measuring soldering tip temperature Temperature Measuring System WTT 1 Temperature Measuring Unit The WTT 1 digital temperature measuring system has been specially designed for measuring the temperature of soldering iron tips. The probe has a double sensor system and an own internal heat source. The measured tempe- rature is fed to a control system that records the flow of heat in the probe and stabilises it with the aid of the internal heat source. This design ensures that no heat is drawn by the probe from the object to be measured. Erroneous measurements due to the large thermal load of the probe are thus prevented. The measured temperature is indicated on a three-digit LED display to a resolution of 1°C. A red dot in the display is used to indicate the measured value and simplifies the reading of the measured temperature. An adjustable pre- heat temperature ensures a rapid response even at high temperatures. Different methods of equipotentioal bon- ding and the ESD appropriate design of the control unit and probe supplement the quality of this measuring unit. Order-no. Model Description T005 31 246 99 WTT 1 Temperature measuring system Scope of supply: Power unit T005 29 109 99 Probe for WTT 1 Temperature range 50°C –500°C Tolerance +/- 5°C Dimensions 166 x 115 x 101 mm (L x W x H) WTT 1 Temperature measuring system Accessories