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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

331 High-quality precision tweezers for microelectronics, light engineering and SMD work. 5-piece tweezer kit. Blunted edges prevent PCB damage. Special stainless steel, non-magnetic, non-rusting, acid-proof. In an ESD-safe plastic case. Erem Premium Tweezers Model Description 3500TP* Erem Premium Tweezers contents: 3SA Precision tweezers With pointed tips straight 2ASA Precision tweezers With flat rounded tips for gripping small components, tip width 2 mm/.078 Inch 7SA Precision tweezers Curved, relieved, with pointed tips 102ACA SMD precision tweezers Tip width 0.5 mm/.019 Inch, angled 45° 15AGW Cutting tweezers With narrow oblique head, for soft wires, hardened cutting edges for increased service life Swiss high precision tweezers in a kit *Not available in North America Kits