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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

267 Tip cutter Side cutter Side cutter Angled wide head Tapered head Oval head High cutting capacity Cutting over the full length of the cutter The angled head provides for precise cuts at different working angles. The jaws of the cutter have straight edges and taper to a point. This head shape allows access to difficult to reach areas but reduces the cutting capacity in comparison to the same size oval head cutter. This is the most widely used head shape, it is robust and size for size offers the highest cutting capacity. 622NA 612N, 622N, 632N (P. 264) (P. 263) 2403E, 2404E 2477E 2412E, 2422E, 2432E (P. 48) (P. 268) (P. 267) 503E, 504E 577E, 595E 512E, 512N, 522N, (P. 52) (P. 272) 532N, 599E (P. 271) 886E 812N, 822N, 896E (P. 278) (P. 277) Erem offers carbide cutters (see P. 39) for cutting high-hardness wire (piano wire). SideCuttersandTipCutters