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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

248 Tweezers Precision tweezers: Flat round tips straight Suitable for all standard gripping applications and assembly jobs on printed-circuit boards, e.g. in the goldsmith and jewelry industries For all models with the suffix SA or SASL in the order number: Special stainless steel, non- magnetic, non-rusting, acid-proof, heat-resistant 120 mm/4.724 Inch Model Description 2ASA 15 g Precision tweezers with flat rounded tips for gripping 0.53 oz. small components. Tip width 2 mm/.078 Inch. 2ASASL 15 g Same as 2ASA, but economy model. 0.53 oz. 2ASASLT* 16 g Same as 2ASA, but with Teflon® -coated tips for 0.56 oz. non-stick holding of self-adhesive parts. 2ASARU 16 g Same as 2ASA, but with coated tips for non-stick 0.56 oz. holding of self-adhesive parts. 25SA 15 g Precision tweezers with flat, round tips slightly wider 0.53 oz. than the 2ASARU model. Serrated finger grips for secure handling. For standard gripping jobs. 52ASA 15 g Precision tweezers with pointed, rounded and flexibly 0.53 oz. movable tips. Prevents damage to sensitive components. *Not available in North America