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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

160 Solutions for cleaning challenges with lead free solder! When using lead free it will be experienced an increased oxidati- on in the wettable area of the tip. These oxides must be removed regularly otherwise it will make the tip completely unwettable and not usable anymore. When cleaning the tip by means of the Weller WDC Dry Cleaner a special brass wool is used. First the surplus solder is removed by tapping the tip on the soft edge of the collector box.The final cleaning is then done by pushing and turning the tip in the brass wool. After cleaning there is still a fine layer of solder on the tip avoiding fast oxidation of the iron layer which is an advantage versus the cleaning by the wet spon- ge. The brass wool can be soaked in flux which may improve even the performance. Individual cleaning methods Wet cleaning with cleaning sponge Why dry cleaning? Best cleaning effect Soldering tip will be cleaned but stays wetted Flux will be removed Safe from oxidation Less temperature shock Dry cleaning with steel or brass wool Recommended treatment of Soldering Tips To ensure continued pleasure of our products it is essential to use only genuine Weller parts. Weller‘s soldering tip and heater form a unit and therefore a perfect heating system to produce high quality solder joints. Perfect interac- tion between the heater and soldering tip protects the soldering iron from irreparable damage. Other tips often damage the heating system. A manufacturer‘s warranty is given only if genuine Weller replacement parts are used. Genuine Weller tips can be identified by the Weller marking on the shaft of the tip as well as the Genuine Weller seal on the packging.