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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

97 Accessories Order-no. Description T005 32 099 99 Extension cord 2-wire, 4 m for,Soldering iron TCPS T005 25 098 99 Extension cord 5-wire, 4 m, up to 50 W for Soldering iron LR 21, MLR 21, WTA 50 T005 26 098 99 Extension cord 7-wire, 3 m, up to 80 W, for Soldering iron WMP, WP 80, WSP 80 Extension cord The Spot-Mask is a material to protect connectors of PCBs from tinning during the reflow process. For manual rework the Spot-Mask is easily applied and removed. Mechanical fixture after 6 min, hardened after 2-3 hours by 20°C, 1 hour by 95°C. Storable 12 months. Suitable for lead free applications. Order-no. Model Description SM15748BK Spot-Mask Suitable for lead free applications, 250 ml Spot-Mask With brush Solvent content 73 % ROL1 related to IPC J-STD-004 Order-no. Description T005 13 837 99 Liquid flux RMA (15 ml) especially for BGA and SMT rework. Very reliable, avoids short cuts Liquid flux Without brush. Typ 1.1.3.AF-SW32, EN29 454 Remaining flux is not corrosive DIN EN 61190 ROL0 Flux on base of resin Order-no. Description T005 13 831 99 Liquid flux (100 ml) for simple soldering applications with high temperature and long soldering times (for example wire and dip) Liquid flux