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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

323 Inserts for 3000ESD housing Vacuum kit Accessories Model Description 3714Z* Diaphragm pump 230 V, 5 l/min, max. vacuum –250 mbar 3008ESD* Tube, flexible, 1.8 m/70.866 Inch, ESD-safe 3717* Filter for tube 3008ESD 3740* Table holder for 3000ESD (without accessories) Model Description 3000KCESD* Vacuum kit contents: 3000ESD Handle 3200 Adapter, rotatable through 360° 3231 Adapter fix 3305Z, 3310Z, 3315 Suction needles 2052E Suction cup, dia. 4.5 mm / .177 Inch KDS 260L Suction cup, dia. 9.5 mm / .374 Inch 3740 Table holder 3714Z Diaphragm pump 230 V 3008ESD Tube, flexible 3717 Filter 102ACA SMD tweezers, 115 mm / 4.527 Inch, with bent tips and blunted edges. For vertical working with small components. Stainless steel, non-reflecting surface, non-magnetic. Complete accessories for easy pick-up and immediate set-down of components or silicon wafers. Set for laboratory work. In an ESD-safe plastic case. Specialtools *Not available in North America