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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

262 Erem impresses Erem Technology Handle Special tool steel Erem electronics tools are made from bright steel. They are not drop forged. The special tool steel is made using an unique Swiss processing technique. The bright tool steel gives additional strength and toughness to the tools pro-moting a long service life. The internal patented Erem Magic Spring The Magic Spring system used in Erem precision tools is unique. It is integral to the cutting head and provides a constant closing and re-opening force. It is guaran- teed for 1 million operations. The Magic Spring system is highly reliable, makes the tools easy to use and reduces operator fatigue. Erem cutters and pliers with ergonomic handles Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD) can be caused by positional fatigue or nerve damage brought about by the repeated use of non-ergonomic hand tools, otherwise known as Repetiti- ve Strain Injuries (RSI). WRULDS is a direct consequence of insufficient ergonomics in manufactu- ring processes and working practices. To reduce the factors which cause WRULDS, Erem has developed a range of tools with ergonomic handles (Series 2400 Magic- Sense). The handle shape and special materials ensure a soft feel, operating comfort and safety. The specially shaped handles ensure that the gripping pressure is evenly spread over the entire palm of the hand. The thumb and fingers automatically find their best position. The effort that has to be exerted by the user is reduced, thereby reducing hand fatigue. The anti-slip surface provides excellent grip. The material is highly resistant to perspiration, water, oil and chemicals. The handles are ESD-safe and are easily interchangeable. High precision screw joint This self locking screw joint system gives a smooth cutting and opening action and ensures that there is no blade overlap or play. Precision cutting and reduced shock to components. EMOS maximum opening stop The unique EMOS (Erem Maximum Ope- ning Stop) system prevents the tips from opening more than 5 mm/.197 Inch. It re- duces user fatigue by preventing excessive hand spread. Comfortable and fatigue free working.