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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

9 RT / RTW XNT XT/XHT LT Soldering Most delicate & temp- sensitive applications; for use un- der microscope; ultra fine tips with fastest heat response & best temp-control; cartridge tips SMDs & THTs with very small solder pads & increased heat demand; perfect choice where Active-Tip above lacks sufficient power; lower cost, non-cartridge tips. Most difficult, high mass soldering jobs; maximum power with ergonomic iron handle; choose when WXP/ WP 65 lack sufficient power; lower cost, non-cartridge tips. Universal SMD & THT applications both small & large; low mass silver tips offer absolute best heat transfer at lowest price in entire tip range; non-cartridge tips Active-Tip Technology Power-Response Technology Power-Response Technology Silver-Line Technology Three Tip Technologies designed to master ALL soldering jobs - from the most delicate to the most diffcult!