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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

348 Tool Cases Order No. Description T0044130000 TCE150ST Tool Case synthetic material with special tools out of Apex Tools product lines – Metric Size consists of: 991X Regular Handle 994R T-Ratching Handle 99X5 Extension 4“ 9971MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 1,27 mm 9972MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 1,5 mm 9973MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 2 mm 9974MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 2,5 mm 9975MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 3 mm 9976MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 4 mm 9977MM Blade, Screwdriver, Allen Hex, 5 mm 994MM Blade, Nutdriver, 4 mm 9945MM Blade, Nutdriver, 4,5 mm 995MM Blade, Nutdriver, 5 mm 9955MM Blade, Nutdriver, 5,5 mm 996MM Blade, Nutdriver, 6 mm 997MM Blade, Nutdriver, 7 mm 998MM Blade, Nutdriver, 8 mm 999MM Blade, Nutdriver, 9 mm 99820 Blade, Screwdriver, Phillips No.0 99821 Blade, Screwdriver, Phillips No.1 99822 Blade, Screwdriver, Phillips No.2 99811 Blade, Screwdriver, Slotted, 3/16“ Order No. Description Final appearance may vary 99250 Blade, Screwdriver, Slotted, 1/4“ 99312 Blade, Screwdriver Slotted, 5/16“ 9938 Reamer, 1/8“ x 3/8“ Erop330 Tip Cutter, 130 mm, 40° 542E Flat Nose Plier 543E Round Nose Plier 2211P Needle Nose Plier 170M Shearcutter, red handles 812N Side Cutter 612N Side Cutter 86CG Snip electronic SX101 Phillips Screwdriver, Stubby No.1 SX102 Phillips Screwdriver, Stubby No.2 XST101 Phillips Screwdriver, Super-tru-tip No.1 0056103699 Soldering Iron W61, 60W 0051304199 DS7N Desoldering head for W 61 XL75 Offset Ratches, Screwdriver Set 103S Wire Stripper & Cutter, Cam Stop Adjustable 0016100402 Hand File Cut 2, 100 mm AC16C Wrench, 150 mm 0054002599 RL 60/40 - 100 solder 0060403504 Y35CM Ultralock, Measuring Tape 5 m