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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

320 Vacuum micromanipulator Vacuum micromanipulator Professional vacuum system for precise handling of tiny SMD components and silicon wafers Suitable for assembly and laboratory work Advantages of the vacuum micromanipulator: Easy picking up of components or silicone wafers Immediate set-down/release of parts Full 360° rotating system Direct axial switch for vacuum Ergonomic shape reduces hand and wrist fatigue ESD-safe 3000 ESD 3740 (optional) 3200 2040Z / 2044Z / 2041Z 2052E 3303 / 3305Z / 3310Z / 3315 / 3330 3231 3232 2040Z / 2044Z / 2041Z 2052E Model Dimensions in mm/Inch 3000ESD* Dia. 10 mm Handle .394 Inch 140 mm/5.512 Inch 35 g/1.23 oz. Ergonomic handle with axial switch, serrated finger grip for secure handling. Handle *Not available in North America