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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

250 Tweezers SMD tweezers High-quality precision tweezers for SMD jobs with different designs (chip, MELFs, mini MELFs) Blunted edges prevent damage to printed-circuit boards 115 mm/4.528 Inch Model Description 102ACA 15 g SMD tweezers, angled 45°, with pointed tips for vertical 0.53 oz. application. 102ACAX 14 g Model same as 102ACA, but reverse clamping 0.49 oz. action for easy holding. 103ACA 15 g SMD tweezers, angled 45°, with slightly wider 0.53 oz. tips for vertical application. SMD tweezers – Angled tips Suitable for perfect handling of chips and miniature components Suitable for assembling SMD printed-circuit boards or ceramic substrates Bent shape facilitates optimum access to confined spaces and provides excellent visibility of the area to be worked on For all models with the suffix CA in the order number: Special stainless steel, non-magnetic, non-rusting, acid-proof, heat-resistant