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Weller Tools Katalog 2013

330 High-quality precision tweezers for SMD work with assorted shapes of chip, SOT, MELFs, mini MELFs, flatpacks. 4-piece tweezer kit. Blunted edges prevent PCB damage. Special stainless steel, non-magnetic, non-rusting, acid-proof. In an ESD-safe plastic case. Erem SMD Tweezers – Universal Model Description 3400TSMDU* Erem SMD Tweezers – Universal contents: 103ACA SMD precision tweezers Angled 45°, tip width 0.5 mm/.019 Inch 150SAMF SMD precision tweezers With round tips, angled 40°, serrated finger grips for secure handling, for gripping cylindrical components 102ACAX SMD precision tweezers With angled pointed tips for vertical use, reverse clamping action for easy handling 7SA Precision tweezers Curved, relieved, with pointed tips Kits Swiss high precision tweezers in a kit *Not available in North America